Can you fix a broken nail?

Shout out to Maria for letting me use her photo. You can check out her blog and the original article here.

So basically her advice is to super glue a piece of tea bag over the tear on nail. When I first saw the post I was so excited. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a nail tear and I’ve painfully had to watch it grow out knowing I would have to trim it. About a month after I first read this article I got a chance to test it out. Applying the tea bag was was pretty easy and it did do it’s job at first but later in the day I ran into problems. I would either pull the teabag off or it would split on the nail tear after a few days. I would end up having to remove and reapply the tea bag everyday or every other day and I still had to eventually cut my nail. The tea bag wasn’t the miracle permeant fix I’d hoped for but I was able to hold off on cutting my nail a few extra days. You guys try it out and tell me your results!

*Also I must note that my nail tear was longer than the one in Marie’s photo. That may reduce the effectiveness of the tea bag.


2 thoughts on “Can you fix a broken nail?

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