Realistic Expectations

Everyday we are bombarded with images of beautiful woman and if you like me, it’s hard not to compare yourself. Don’t we all want to be as beautiful as the women on the magazines? According to Jezebel, a nonprofit has found that U.S. women spend $7 billion a year on cosmetics and beauty products: An average of about $100 a month each and I know there have been a few months when I’ve hit that $100 mark. Why do we spend so much? Well many of us, myself included, may have unrealistic expectations. We buy products hoping for results that aren’t possible in an effort to look like people who don’t even look like themselves! Check out the photos below and you will see the transformations a face can go through because of anything from makeup to plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian was thought to be a pretty girl in 2006 but compare her then to the bombshell she is now and you’ve got the story of the ugly duckling. (Was that too harsh? Oh who cares! Those eyebrows were terrible!)

Leona Lewis is no stranger to the change that comes with fame either. After winning that british talent competition she traded in her sweet innocent look for the vampy vixen package.

Draya Michelle form VH1 Basketball Wives LA

Yes, that is the same girl. Draya or “DrayaFace” (they don’t call her face for nothing) said on the VH1 that she makes her money off her looks. She is very pretty but check her out without makeup and she’s a pretty normal looking girl. She’s pretty, just not the extravagant beauty you see on magazine covers.

Below is Brittany Dailey, a popular urban model. Her accolades go on and on and it’s easy to see why, she is a very pretty girl.

In the photo on the left she stated that she was sick. In the photo on the right you can her in polished form. Below are more photos of her with and without makeup.

So basically the point of this post is that the people we see on tv and in magazines don’t look that good all the time. There are times when they look a hot mess and they too wake up with the nasty little crusty stuff in the corner of their eyes. Next trip to the beauty aisle make sure you’ve got realistic hopes and expectations for the you buy. No cream will make you look like a million bucks, that’s going to take a glam team, plastic surgery and photoshop! Lol 😉 Stay Beautiful


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