Clarisonic Vs DermaNew

As promised I’m doing my review on the Clarisonic Pro and DermaNew. (These are great tools we humans have to wash our faces so we don’t have to resort to the method that cat is using. )

I got my DermaNew over the summer, about 9 months ago after watching a video recommendation by Kandee the make up artist. And I used it faithfully for about two month but after two months my enthusiasm died. Why? I wasn’t seeing results!
The microdermabrasion face wash that came with the DermaNew was so grainy that I could never get all the little crystals off. They even started to make my skin break out. I did some research (and by research I mean google ) and it seems that others had the same problem. So instead of using the DermaNew microdermabrasion cream I just started using a regular exfoliater and use the brush head with my face wash. A few month of this and still no change.
So recently I got the Clarisonic. I’d heard great things about it but the price had kept me away but then a model, who I follow on Instagram, posted a pic of hers and said how much she loved it so I decided to give it a try. I got the Clarisonic Pro which has 4 speeds, the most out of the entire Clarisonic family and it’s said to be sold by skin care professionals only but shh! I got mine online.
With the money I paid I expected good results and the Clarisonic delivered. which is good news for the website i got it from because if it didn’t…… I would have thrown a hissy fit until they gave me my money back. I saw great results even after just 1 week. My skin was softer, and smoother. I had a raised scar under the skin by the side of my eye and it had been there about 3 months and in the month that i’ve been using the Clarisonic its gotten much smaller and less noticeable. I still get a few pimples but I’m okay with that. The Clasrisonic can’t do it all but it definitely does more than the DermaNew. It cost more but it’s worth it.

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