Garlic for Hair???

Have you ever read some that garlic is good for your hair and nails? The internet is full of articles advising that you chop of garlic and it to your nail polish and conditioner to make you hair and nails stronger and grow faster.

Well let me tell you a little story. There once was a girl named Alyson and she wanted longer and strong nails and hair. So read an article and added it to her nail polish and conditioner. The garlic had a strong smell but it went away when her nail polish and hair dried.Oh, I forgot to mention that Alyson was a bite of a nail biter.

So one day as Alyson tapped her nail to her teeth she tasted something funny. “Wa..?” she thought,  “Was that garlic?” It was! And now our heroine was bogged down with garlic breath. The taste of garlic also started showing up in food that she ate with her hand like burgers and chips.

Well Alyson could deal with the garlic nails but the garlic hair was another story. You see, every time our dear Alyson washed her hair the garlic smell would appear and disappear into the night as her hair dried. This went on for months even after she stopped using the garlic conditioner. The nadir came when she went to a beauty salon, forgetting about her garlic problem, but that wasn’t for long because it soon announced itself to her and the beautician. Alyson wanted to crawl in a hole as she tried to apologize and awkwardly explain the oder.

The moral of the story? Don’t chop up raw garlic and put it in you nail polish or conditioner. I’ve heard the unscented liquid capsule work but I’ve been to traumatized to try.

On a brighter note Alyson has found a good use for raw garlic. Garlic is both antibacterial and antiviral! Any time Alyson has a cough or a sniffle she chops a clove in half and swallows them like pills. Its cheaper and more natural that the capsules they sell in the store and it works well. But be warned it is still garlic and 1 or 2 days later you may smell it again, if you know what I mean….


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