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Take Your Makeup Relationship to the Next Level


How long have you and you makeup been going steady? For me it’s been about 8. You see, we met in middle school and things didn’t always go too smooth but we built it up and built it up and now we’re solid….solid like a rock!

I’m sure, like me, most of my followers have been in a long-term relationship  with their makeup too. Don’t you think it’s time we take our relationship to the next level? Time we get down on one knee and pull out that ring? I saw a groupon that will let you make that commitment this past weekend.

When I first saw the groupon I was a bit confused. I assumed they meet tattooing on makeup but I had a slow moment and had to investigate. On the BrowGal website they have several “permanent cosmetics” services listed and the cost a good bit.

I had never heard the term “permanent cosmetics” before and I began to get excited. I was hoping that it included a forever mascara that would keep my eyelashes so gloriously fanned out that people would mistake for a movie star because my hair blow all around in that sexy Beyonce way from the wind generated by my blinks. Yea, I got a little carried away….

It turns out that permanent cosmetics are just cosmetic tattooing. I should have know that but I didn’t know that they aren’t only used by the lazies who don’t want to do their makeup. It’s also used for people who have lost their eyebrows due to a number of reasons including old age, alopecia, and chemotherapy, and for people with vitiligo.  Cool info huh?

Back to the groupon. Now that I am sure of what permanent cosmetics are I have to ask why is it offered for one or both lids? I don’t think there should be an option! Some thing should just come in pairs: earring, shoes, and eyeliner tattoos!

The results don’t look too bad but that’s still one Groupon I’ll have to pass on. What do you think?

Would you buy the Groupon?
 Yes! That would save me time in the mornings
 No! I’ll apply my own makeup. free polls 

Looks like I’m having some problems with my poll 😦 Just comment below!


3 thoughts on “Take Your Makeup Relationship to the Next Level

  1. that’s stupid. they should just call them tattoos. and they charge to much. i’d never get a tat on my eyelids

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