Two Strand Twist

My hair is notorious for knotting and tangling and being the wash-n-go girl that I am, I am left vitally defenseless. I condition, I detangle, I oil and grease but they always come back. Using Hawaiian 14 n 1 helps some. It doesn’t completely stop the knots but it coats my hair so when I do find a knot I can usually slide my hair out of it. Still, I want a knot cure and not something that just treats the symptoms. The elixir? Two Strand twist!

Now if you have done any research on natural hair you have heard of two strand twist. The big fat twist that puff up and look so cute with barrettes and twisters when your 3 (you remember those day) but what about when your twenty? I’ve tried the two strand twist before and they were never a look I would wear outside of the house but I recently discovered a way to make them work.

I detangled my hair using my mane and tail detangler then I blow dried it. This is the key. Blow drying my hair kept it puffy enough to hold the twist and lengthen so I don’t look 3 years old. Last I twisted my hair in small twist, smaller than my pinky finger. It’s time-consuming but look more age appropriate. 


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