Straight Madness

A year since my big chop and two years since my last perm I decided to straighten my hair. It didn’t get very straight 😦 but boy did the length surprise me. Most of my hair is between 8 and 10 inches long. I was so shocked! This is the longest my hair has been since I was a kid!


(Shamless plug: I’m an aspiring model! Sign me 😉 )

Method: To straighten my hair I started by separating and detangling it. Next I blow dried it while brush it with my demand brush. Afterwards I flat-iron with my maxi glide flat-iron on a low setting. I do this because the little teeth on the flat-iron get any tangles out my hair but it doesn’t get my hair straight so last I add bio silk and flat-iron with my chi. This is the method I used to the first time I went natural. I used to get my hair relaxer straight but I did do it more often and I also damaged my curl pattern which is a big reason I went back to a relaxer.


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