Review: Living Proof Restore Mask

My hair was badly damaged after a protein overload. It was dry, brittle and knotting like… like… something that knots a lot. It was also had high porosity according to the water test. For those of you who don’t know what that is it’s putting your hair in a cup of water and see how fast it sinks. My hair sank like a rock within seconds.

I used a clarifying shampoo and I deep conditioned but my hair was still losing moisture and the balls of knot were really freaking me out. I took to the web and that where I found the Living Proof Restore line. The science behind it really had me impressed and I loved that it didn’t use protein like most reconstructors.

I bought the hair mask from Ulta and I had really  high hopes since it cost me $42! I had every intention of returning if it did not work. (Ulta Beauty has a really customer friendly return policy) Well it did work after 1 use and I love this product! My hair was much softer and stopped knotting. It even floats in water instead of sinking. I’m so glad living proof came into my life, this product is impressive! Check out their video and pictures on the link above. If you decide to give it a try I recommend purchasing from Ulta because of the return policy.


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