How I Get My Natural Hair to Grow

My hair has grown! Sorry it’s so frizzy in the above pics, I’m still learning how to overcome that. I attribute my hair growth to several things that I will share with your. Feel special because you are about to be find out some ancient family secrets that I never would have shared in my younger days! (You know how protective we women can be over our beauty secrets )

1. Genetics My hair grows about a half-inch a month. Some people say their hair doesn’t grow and I’m not going to tell anyone what their hair will or wont do but I have no issue getting mine to grow, my issue is retaining that growth.

2 Biotin- I try to take 1000 mcg 5 x a day. You can take 1-5 a day or 1 5000 mcg but biotin is water-soluble and you will just pee the excess off thats why I prefer to spread it out during the day. (Also, within days I can see the difference in my nail growth when I take biotin)

3. MSM- I read that MSM increases the hair growth cycle so I take 2 1500mg a day. It may work it or the biotin may be doing all the work I honestly cant tell but I like the results so I’m going to keep taking it. (I am inclined to believe it works though since my hair is longer than it’s ever been)

4.Dont Clip My Ends- I haven’t gotten my ends clipped in 2 years (I will soon though) When I got relaxers my beauticians used to clip 1/4th  to 1/2 an inch every 2 to four weeks. No wonder my hair didn’t get any longer! She cut off all the length I’d grown. Don’t fall victim to the rumor that clipping you ends makes your hair grow. It doesn’t! Hair is dead. No signal is sent from the tip to the root telling it to grow. Clipping you ends is not a bad thing though. Splint ends make you hair look frizzy, raggedy  and unhealthy. That damaged end can grow but dont let you hair stylist fool you into thinking it can split all the way to your roots. That wont happen! It will just peel off. Get your ends cut but figure out how much your hair grows a month and make sure your not getting that amount cut off.

5. Water- I drink (or try to) 2 liters of water a day. Sounds like a lot but it’s just 4 bottles. Once you get in the habit it’s really easy to drink all 4 before lunch. One summer I routinely drank 2 bottles during my 2 hour-long summer class.

HAIR GOAL- On my last straight hair post I mentioned that I wanted my hair to reach 12inches in length.Well parts are now between 11-12inches so I am happy! I’ve decided to cut all my split ends off now that I’ve reached a personal record for length and set a new goal: Maintaining 6 inches of growth of a 1 year period. The pics in the feature image above were taken Oct 2011 and Sept 2012 and it doesn’t look like 6 inches of growth but it some photos below it kinda does…eh..I’m not sure.


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