Review: Curl Junkie CURL REHAB

I’ve used the Curl Rehab deep conditioner for over a month now. I wanted to be sure how I felt before reviewing it and…..I LOVE IT! Curl Rehab never fails to make my hair super soft. I like to apply it at night to separated hair and sleep with a plastic cap. In the morning my hair is just as soft as…as… a bunny! That’s pretty soft. Even when I apply a styling gel like Kinky Curly Curling Custard my hair says soft and if you’ve ever used KCCC you know how it can give you “crunchy” hair.

What I love most about Curl Rehab is that it’s protein free! My hair is protein sensitive and an overload can lead to brittle dry hair and breaking. I also love the smell! It comes in two scents, gardenia coconut and strawberry ice-cream. Which one do you think I got???? The ice-cream! and boy does it smell delicious. Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave a lasting scent in my hair, but that’s probably for the best. Who knows how many sweets I would eat  if I kept smelling strawberries all day. What I like least about the product is the cost. It’s $20 which isn’t too bad… One jar did last me two months but I still wish it was cheaper. (Broke college student ok? Don’t judge me)

If your thinking about ordering the curl rehab you can find it online at CURLMART.COM but be warned their shipping cost is very high. I think its $12.97. also sells it and their shipping is $5.00 or $1.00 when you spend $50. They also have an Amazon site which is perfect if you have gift card burning a hole in your pocket.

I will also out samples of the curl junkie up on my site but it make take me a minute because I don’t have the containers. Feel free to comment below and tell me to hurry up and get the samples up otherwise I will probably dilly dally around a bit before I actually get to it.


2 thoughts on “Review: Curl Junkie CURL REHAB

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