Fix for Short Nails

Salon science INSTANT ARTIFICALS $7.49

This stuff changed my life. It is by far the best nail polish I have ever used and I’ve tried everything: NutraNail, OPI, Nailtiques, you name it. This polish does just what it says. Paint on one coat and BAM! your nails will instantly be supper strong and they definitely feel fake.

M nails used to be short pitiful nails due to my constant nail biting and the fact that they a very thin and peel and break easily. Instant artificals (along with my biotin pills) has enabled me to grow my nails so long that the actually annoy me! I constantly have to clean them and cut them. because they grow so long.

I just can’t express my love for this stuff enough! It works so well that it should come with a crazy guarantee…something like “If you don’t like it we’ll give you your weight in gold!” This company wouldn’t have to worry about going broke because this stuff is just that good.

*Tip: When your trying to grow longer nails invest in quality tools. It took me weeks to realize that my dull nail clippers were compromising my nail growth and causing them to peel.


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