Quick & Cheap Halloween Costume

This Halloween I didn’t to buy a costume. Initially, I wanted to be the terminator but I couldn’t find the right color face paint and so I dilly dallied around and found myself with out any costume at all. When in doubt…be a cat. It’s a quick costume that any novice makeup artist can do.

If you’ve got a little more skill be a leopard

And if your really feeling extra feline be both!

That was my makeup this Halloween. The look is really simple to do.

Step 1: Sculpt your face.

If cats were people they’d all be models because of their amazing bone structure. Contour your cheeks and nose, Be a little heavy-handed with the blush, Exaggerate  your eye shape by bring you liner in toward your nose, Shape your brows.

I have in circle lens because whats any cute makeup look without a pair of big googly eyes?

2. Add your spots

Simple C shapes and random marks around yellow, orange, or gold spots. I topped mine with glitter.

3. Cat face

Really simple to do using cream, liquid or a marker eye liner.

Dont forget to add lashes! I added Hard candy lash tinsel to mine. I love that stuff!

4. Put on your cat clothes.

I didn’t have any cat accessories so I just put on all black. The top I’m wearing is really a pair of nylons with the feet cut off for my arms and the crouch cut out for my head. It turned out way shorter than I thought it would so I just added a cute blazer. When I realized I was wearing pink I changed my lip color.

5. Be cute, be safe, and takes lots of pictures! If your create your own cat look I want to see it! Tweet me, IG tag me, let me know! @PinkAlyson

If you want a video tutorial on the makeup or a tutorial on the nylon top comment below.


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