Black Women with Tans

Once upon a time, I went to the tanning bed. I tagged along with a biracial friend of mine who was very light and tanned all the time. I tanned for about 10 or 15 minutes and after the tan I pulled off a little heart shape sticker I had applied and was surprised by the visual difference. Without that sticker I don’t think I  would have been able to tell I tanned or just how tan I gotten. Two hours later my tan faded and the heart disappeared.

Below are some pictures of other black women and their tans.

Tiffany Upshaw

As I’m sure you can already tell, Tiffany Upshaw is a fitness competitor and has an amazing physic. Shes’s biracial (black and white) and the difference between to two pictures is stunning. I’m not sure what method she used to darken her skin in the 1st picture but boy is she bronzed.

Sheneka Adams

I’ve read before that Sheneka Adams tans. For a long time I thought she was dark/brown-skinned until I followed her on instagram and saw her without tan and with freckles. Side Note: Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Blac Chyna

When I first saw Blac Chyna I thought she was dark-skinned (kinda goes with the name, right?) but she too tans. She actually has a very light complexion. She recently had a baby with rapper Tyga, that make that 1st picture kinda funny, huh?

It’s nice to see these ladies who don’t think ligher skin is more beautiful. I think there are too many black girls who don’t embrace their darker skin and are teased for it. Although I’m not a fan of tanning, I think it’s nice to see beautiful black women valuing darker skin tones.

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6 thoughts on “Black Women with Tans

  1. I have grown up in a tanning salon, my family owns one. When I went to college my African Canadian friends would never tan with me, they thought it was silly. I think it is great you tan, what I have always been told is essentially the darker your skin, the more likely you need to tan more to ensure your body is producing melanin that your body needs. I guess it kind of relates to genes originating from the Southern Hemisphere and bodies getting used to consuming more melanin, therefore needing more melanin to be healthy living in the Northern Hemisphere. Regardless, there are many great reasons to have a healthy tan, beating Seasonal Oppressive Disorder and even just cosmetic reasons like evening out the tan you have. Good on you!

  2. That’s a pretty extrneme shade change between both photos of Tiffany. I don’t l know what she would normally look like without the bronzer, but i’m willing to bet photoshop may have been used where she appears lighter. And i agree she has an amazing body 😉

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