Video Model Beauty Secerts

Music videos are full of beautiful exotic women and if your like me you’ve often wondered what does she do to look so great? Well for the most part the answer to that is sit in a chair and while her hair and makeup are done but there are some beauty secrets they do have that don’t require a glam squad and thanks to a little instagram stalking I can share these vixens’ beauty secrets with you!

The Models

Dollicia Bryant, Joie Chavis, Sheneka Adams, Brittany Dailey, Rosa Acosta, Draya Michelle

The Secrets

Clarisonic– Both Brittany Dailey and Rosa Acosta use the Clarisonic. The actual instagram photo Brittany posted is not available because her original instagram got deleted but I do have a screen shot of her reply to my photo as proof that she uses it. When I got my clarisonic I posted it on instagram and tagged her with the comment “I’d been on the fence for a while but finally gave up the cash because of @bd_”

Latisse– In the same deleted photo as the clarisonic Brittany Dailey also said she used Latisse. I have tried it and it works!

Vitamins – On the left is a photo by Brittany Dailey from her old instagram, on the right is a photo from Sheneka Adams. I am a fan of omega 3 6 9, msm and biotin but the other two I haven’t tried.

Skin Products– Brittany Dailey and Dollicia Bryant have praised Obagi. On her old instagram Dailey posted a picture of the Obagi c rx system but since her account got deleted you’ll just have to take my word. I have tried Obagi and it was VERY expensive. Worst part is I did not see any results. Sheneka Adams is a fan of cucumber mask. I have not tried the cucumber mask but I do love grape seed mask, I’m sure it’s very similar.

Spa Treatments – On her twitter account, Draya Michelle, posted a picture of herself in a L.A. slim wrap. She stated that this was the secret to her slim waist and while her waist is jaw dropping small I am not convinced to try the slim wrapped. In researching the wraps I’ve found that the results are only temporary. Sheneka Adams has also posted her spa secret, the foot detox. While Sheneka is a beautiful girl, I  don’t think that has anything to do with this foot detox. I think it’s a bunch of bologna. Toxins aren’t removed through the skin.

The last and best secret of all………

EXERCISE! It’s really no secret but exercising does the body good. Many successful video models are serious about their fitness and eat clean. Below are Brittany Dailey, Rosa Acosta and Joie Chavis.

What did you like or dislike about this post? Let me know below.


4 thoughts on “Video Model Beauty Secerts

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