Bantu Knot Out on 4a Natural Hair

Bantu knotting my hair has always been a struggle. I have tried and tried every which way but my hair aways turned out stiff or frizzed when I tried to separate the curls. Finally I was able to get a good bantu knot out and the steps are listed below

IMG_0882 Bantu knot tools

1. Condition and detangle.

I know Im late but I just recently tried the tangle teaser and it is excellent! I detangle my hair in sections with a wide tooth comb and then use the tangle teaser. It is great if  I am going to blow dry my hair because it is such a great detangler. The only down side is it separates my curls so well that wash-n-gos aren’t possible after immediate use.

2. Blow dry

I applied the It’s a 10 miracle leave in plus keratin I have to be careful not to use this too often because my hair is protein sensitive and too much will make it hard and stiff but since I would be applying heat I knew it would be helpful.

3. Flat Iron

I applied a little jojoba oil then I used my Maxi Glide on heat setting 5 (it goes up to 10). The maxi glide never gets my hair super straight (even at 10) so using the low heat setting guaranteed that there would still be some texture and  volume when I got done flat ironing. I didn’t want my hair super straight because I still wanted it to be clear that I was natural when I took down my bantu knots

4. Bantu Knot

Grab a section of hair and twist entire section in one direction. Form a loop and the  wrap hair around that. If anybody wants a walk through tutorial just let me know.

5. Sleep with satin bonnet

6. Unravel and separate in the morning

They looked a little funny at first but 10 mins after i took them down the fluffed up and were very pretty. I had lots of body and movement. I attribute this to the small amount of product I used.



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