Will Arching Your Brows Ruin Their Natural Shape?

Have you ever heard that shaving hair makes it grow back thicker? Or that if you arch above your brow you will ruin your natural shape? I have heard both and done both and I decided it was time to see if the rumors were true.

I didn’t start arching my eyebrows until I was in high school and I would get them threaded. My dad had me convinced that if I got them shaved the would grow back as caterpillars. However, through the years I have experimented with plucking, shaving, waxing and threading. (Treading is my personal favorite) Aly @ 3

The pic above is me at age 3. Here you can see my natural un-groomed wild eyebrows.



And this is me 19 years later. in this pic I haven’t had my brows arched in a whooping 2 months. As you can see before the arch my eyebrow hair still has a decent shape and after the arch the hair goes crazy and grows every where, pretty much the same as when I was 3. My right brow also looks thicker in both pics.

My verdict? No, arching your brows won’t ruin their natural shape but I will warn my younger readers it is addictive once you start. I don’t remember how I ever left the house with those wild eyebrows. Don’t even get me started on the high I feel after just getting my brows threaded. It is definitely a confidence booster. In fact, my favorite part about have thick wild eyebrows is that they arch so nicely.

Oh, and some of you may be wondering how I have been going in public these pass two months. Let’s just say, I’m very heavy handed with the concealer 😉



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