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Unconventional Lip Color Part 2 (How to)

How to Wear Crazy Lip Colors

In my last post I showed you the rainbow of lip colors available outside the traditional reds, pinks, and nude. in this post I’ll show you how you can pull them off.

Before driving into the color wheel there are some basics to cover. This may obvious to most of my readers but for the makeup novices I will list them anyway.

1.There is a time and a place for every thing. When posing for the gram any makeup goes, but this does not apply when going to work (unless you are an mua). Its fun to experiment with bright and funky colors but keep in mind these are not appropriate for every occasion.

2. Put on your whole face. Bold color lipsticks are meant to complete a look, not to be the look. While it make look perfectly fine to wear a nude gloss and nothing else that bright yellow lipstick without mascara or tinted moisturizer is going to look silly and unfinished.

The Colors

I love a purple lip. If your just getting into bold lipsticks purple is a great color to start with. Many purple lipsticks have a pink undertone or can be blended with pink in an ombré fashion which won’t be too far out of your comfort zone. Another beginner option is a deep berry, part brown, part red, sometimes with a little purple, berry colors can range from somewhat nude to almost black.

The colors above can be more challenging to pull off. When done wrong your lips can easily drawn too much attention and look like they are ready to pop off your face. What works will vary from person to person based on skin tone and lip size.

Find a color that either looks well with your skin tone or use makeup to adjust your undertones like Jennifer Lopez rocking her yellow lip.

If you have larger lips be sure not to over line your mouths natural borders, you may even want to use a nude liner and apply your lipstick inside if that.

Many vibrant colors can be pulled of by repeating the lip color on other parts of your face. This can be done overtly such as the teal lip and liner combo by @Makeupbycari or subtle suck as the black lip and dark liner on Kylie Jenner. A deep brown lipstick works well with a simple eye but strong face contouring. Its all about keeping the overall tone of the makeup in agreement. Dark lips work with dark eye makeup, doesn’t have to be a heavy smoky eye, it could just be liquid liner. Bright lips work well with brighter makeup. The pic stitch of Makeupshayla wearing NYX macarons is a great example. The yellow lip in the bottom left washes away her mouth and her lips are hard to find while the lavender in the top right works with the make she’s already wearing. The other two don’t flow as well.

Once you’ve gotten the hang on your bold lips its time to start mixing them up. Above are some cool ombrés using unusual lipstick colors.


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