Unconventional Lip Colors Part 1

While searching my beauty box for the perfect lip color to match my m.o.t.d. I realized that all my lipsticks are the same.  Ninety percent are some shade of pink, nude or red. Can you blame a girl? These are classics and great for any occasion but after scrolling through IG I’ve learned that the lipstick game is not what it used was. Take a look at some of the crazy cool colors cosmetic companies are putting out and the girls who are slaying them.

Lip Colors

Where to buy colorful lipstick?

Many of the newer cosmetic lines are creating lipsticks every color in rainbow. Brands such as MAC and NYX do have their unusual colors here and there but for a variety of bolder colors like lilac, lemon, or mint I found the following companies:


LimeCrime    Kaior    Five11Cosmetics   Colourchase Cosmetics    Melt

Thinking about trying these colorful lippies or just curious to see how to pull it off? Read here.


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