How Can I Get My Natural Hair to Curl?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “Why isn’t my hair curly?” I would be sitting on a bankroll. I have coily hair because that’s how God made me but they weren’t always as visible and defined like they are now. If your not seeing you coils the tips below may help but only if you have the genetics to produce curly hair. Some naturals say they do not not have a curl pattern, I wont say that isn’t possible but before you settle into that belief give up check out my tips below.

1. Is your hair long enough?
After my first big chop my hair had no appearance of a curl pattern. At the the time it was less that 3 inches long and a true TWA (teeny weeny afro). Once my hair surpassed the 3 inch mark I definitely saw a curl pattern form. As you hair grows it weighs more and this weight stretches your curl pattern. Don’t be discouraged if your hair seems to only grow up and out, you will eventually achieve “hang time” and curls the longer your hair gets.

2. Is your hair moisturized?
This is probably the most important question on this page. Looking back, if I knew how to properly moisturize my hair I may have even been able to get curls out that TWA. When moisturizing your hair there are a few important things to know.

Water is your best source of moisture Warm showers will be the best place to moisturize your hair.
Avoid silicons and sulfates! (For more info on this refer to “The Curly Girl Method”) These products are very drying to curly hair so learn to recognize their many names and read product ingredients before you buy. Sites like Naturallycurly and Curlmart have filters that allow you to search for silicon and sulfate free products
Find a good conditioner and leave in. You can check my favorites page for suggestions. 
Oil is not a moisturize, it is a sealant and  Water and oil do not mix. Oil will keep water out of the hair shaft. If your going to apply oil to you hair do it last. I know the LOC method is popular but that is not the most effective order. LCO is much better.
-What is your hair’s porosity? If your still having trouble with moisture do some research on hair porosity. Very porous hair loses moisture quickly, while low porosity hair has a hard time absorbing moisture.

3. Does you hair curl when wet?
If so this is a good sign! Now your challenge is defining your curls and there a many products to help you achieve this. I get my most defined curls when using a gel as my curl definer. Flaxseed gel, Ecostyler, and KCCC are very popular. The trick is to apply these while you hair is soaking wet. I do it in the shower. While hair is soaking wet curls will be their most defined, frizz comes as they start to dry so applying you leave in conditioner and styling gel while in the shower, keeping your hair as wet as possible  will keep your curls defined. The downside to this is drying time. To speed up the process you can us a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to reduce the amount frizz air drying would bring. Follow that by stretching the hair with the concentrator attachment for a more full look.

4. Max Hydration Method
If your still having troubles obtaining curls give this a try. Naturals with tightly coiled 4c hair have been able to achieve root to tip coils. I’m currently trying this method myself. Check back for an update.  



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