Clearer skin in 6 weeks

Acne is a problem. It can be painful physically and emotionally and dealing with acne as a adult is even more frustrating.
I’ve had acne since my teens. I think I have tried every creme, face wash, and exfoliant prescription and over the counter. My results varied but were always somewhere between no improvement to some improvement but still not clear skin.
When I moved to LA my skin broke out like crazy. I felt like a little monster. I’m sure acne sufferers can relate. This time I tried something new. I was studying the law of attraction and decided to attract clear skin by visualizing. I thought I would internally clear my skin but instead I attracted a solution. Out of the blue I got the idea to go to an esthetician. I randomly picked one and it turned out to be a great choice. She recommended a series of 6 glycolic acid peels. The results are amazing. My acne has cleared and I finally have smooth skin. I still have hyper-pigmentation marks but the she assures me they will clear. I’ll post pics of my progress below and tips from Elizabeth’s skin care.

Advice from Elizabeth’s pamphlet and website:
Acne is a chronic condition like psoriasis, eczema, or arthritis and there is no such thing as a cure for a chronic condition. There is treatment and management, which is why regular, proper skin care at home and professional treatments are necessary.
Cleanse your skin with a non-soap cleaner. Soap is brillo to your face.
Drinking water doesn’t hydrate your complexion. The outer layer of your skin is made of dead cells.
Sunblock is the number one defense against aging.
Pores can not be opened and closed with hot and cold water. If they Warm water and steam soften the skin to ease extractions.
Never let a clay mask dry on your face or it will desiccate your skin like the dessert floor
Don’t use fabric softener. It spreads an occlusive film all over the fabric to artificially soften and these large molecules clog pores and aggravate acne.


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