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Order to Wash Natural Hair

Guide to wash natural hairThis guide is my suggested method for watching natural hair. It is based off the hair tutorials by Naptual85. You do not take every step when washing your hair, instead you pick the steps your hair needs and then follow the order.

So lets say you have a not its been a month since you last washed your hair, you might follow the following order:

Clay wash > Condition > Leave in Moisturize > Hair Oil > Rinse > Style with shea butter for a twist out.

Or maybe your hair is ridiculously dry and has some product build up:

ACV rinse > Hot Oil treatment > Condition > Leave in Moisturize > Hair Oil > Rinse > Style with gel for wash-n-go

You don’t need to follow every step every time. Steps 1 and 2 are completely optional but you do want to deep condition or condition your hair every time you wet it. You rinse the products out as you move through the steps (except the leave in conditioner) but I had to make a special note that you want to rinse after you apply your hair oil. The oil with seal in moisture from the the conditioner and leave in moisturizer but unless you rinse the excess be prepared to have Soul Glo stains every where you place your head. No bueno! Try out this order with your favorite products. A list of my favorite products can be found here.


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