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Where to buy: Affordable Workout Clothes


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Companies like lululemon and alo yoga have such cute leggings but at $80 a pair all I can think is….Unknown

So I went on a hunt to find clothing that didn’t cost what 3 days of my paycheck. ( S/N you know your broke when you start measure prices by the number hours of work it takes to afford them.) Here are my favorite findings:

Great Place to Get: Clothing
Forever 21 has seriously stepped up there workout gear and they have a huge selection of leggings, sports bras, and shirts under $25.
Space Dye Leggings in photo here.

Great Place to Get: Brand Name Items (Clothing and Shoes)
If you’re looking for easily recognized brands and deep discounts this is the place and should you luck up and catch a sale you’re sure to get a steal. Insider tip: The stores carry some items not on the website like the sports bra I’m wearing.
Sports Bras here.

Great Place to Get: Shoes
When I shop here I always check the sale racks at the back of the store. You can usually find a great pair of running shoes and they have a huge variety of brands. I prefer Nike because they never go out of style but there are affordable Asics, New Balance and others.
Nike Air Relentless 4 Shoes in photo here.


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