Clear Acne in 2 Weeks!


As I’ve said before I’ve struggled with acne. My prayers were finally answered when I met a esthetician who was sent from heaven. She did a series of 20% glycolic acid peels 1x a week for 6 weeks (then just one once a month)and the results were amazing. Each peel cost $40 so it was kind of pricey but clear skin was worth it. You can check my video review here.

Things were going along well and then exam period rolled around and I completely neglected my skin for about a month. I started getting about of little breakouts and I tried to make an appointment for a peel but my esthetician was on vacation so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

You can buy glycolic acid off amazon in percentages ranging from 20% to 70%. The best way to know what right for you is to see a qualified expert but if you’re like me an throw caution to the wind flip a coin or add one to your cart with your eyes close. Just kidding. If haven’t used it before select a lower percentage. All the instructions needed came with the bottle I purchased which was $16.99. You can find it here.


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