The “Eat Whatever You Want” Diet


When I started my fitness journey I was a meal-prepping-asparagus-roasting-egg-white-eating fool. I got so sick of egg whites, baked chicken breast and broccoli. Eating clean was a chore and everywhere I went I was constantly googling “Is (insert craving) healthy?” That’s no way to live. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to restrict yourself to a repetitive “eat clean” diet to get the body you want. Any food can be heathy in moderation.

So if you’re trying to lose weight or get a smaller waist you have to get rid of excess body fat and this can only be done by buying more calories than you consume.

First:  Calculate how many calories you need to lose weight and keep a food journal to make sure you stay in range. (MyFitnessPal App can help with this)


Eat whatever you want, and however many meals you want as long as you stay under your calorie goal.

Drink at least  1 liter of water to prevent water retention and bloating. If you’re eatting food high in sodium you’ll need to drink more water to flush it out because sodium retains water.

Doing this you will lose weight but there is a catch. Foods high in fat, sugar, and salt don’t keep you feeling full, give you cravings which can make it harder to stay under your calorie goal, AND can contribute to water retention which will make you look bloated. The healthy stuff doesn’t give you the cravings and you will stay fuller long because you can eat more food (13 Cheeto puffs is 160 calories but so is 40 baby carrots). Also the fat, sugar, and salt combo give you bad skin, cavities and cut your life span.


My recommendation is to enjoy eating but monitor your calories and should you give in to the temptation of a krispy kreme you haven’t thrown your diet or progress out the window.


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